Mckenna has just gotten back from filming for a few weeks in Canada. She booked a series regular role in ABC drama pilot Clementine, from Mark Gordon Co. and ABC Studios. The show centers on Clementine Ross, a troubled 28 year old psychic who sees her life begin to change in unexpected ways when she decides to stop running from her past.

Mckenna plays Lucy, Clementine’s daughter who is described as a precious and fun loving little girl, who due to Clementine’s absence has been told Clementine is her aunt, not her mother- even still, it is obvious there is a connection between the two of them.

The pilot also stars David Strathairn, Kevin Alejandro, Mykelti Williamson, Sarah Snook and Edwin Hodge. We have exclusive behind the scenes photos of Mckenna and the cast of Clementine.

Congratulations Mckenna! Mckenna has also been busy filming new episodes for The Young&the Restless, an episode for Cartoon Network’s Clarence, which will premiere in April and a commercial for Quick Trip. She was slated to appear in a new upcoming film about Elvis Presley, but had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts. But we hear that she has some new projects coming up very soon….stay tuned!