Mckenna is so thankful to be able to do what she loves. She is constantly reminded of how lucky she is to be healthy and to have the opportunity to live her dream. She has a huge heart and loves to be able to give back and help where she can. If you have a charity event request for Mckenna Grace please contact her management.



Mckenna and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders at A Wish for Wings event in Dallas, Texas. Mckenna is honored to donate toys to such a wonderful organization. To date, she has helped raise over $600 for the organization. A Wish With Wings benefits children with life threatening conditions. To learn more about this amazing organization please visit






Cook Children’s Hospital is one of Mckenna’s favorite places to give to and visit. She took interest there when she filmed a commercial at the hospital and saw how many children were patients.



dollMckenna delivering a doll house she earned at a modeling job to Scottish Rite Hospital for children. Scottish Rite works strictly off of donations. Mckenna was able to see where the doctors and engineers work together to build new limbs for patients. She was amazed at how much work goes into making sure they are the perfect fit.






Since Scottish Rite works off of donations, patients are able to get treatment free of cost. Mckenna gained a new appreciation of being able to do “everyday things” such as get out of bed, ride her bike or chase bugs. She was amazed at the perserverance and determination these children have to get better. To learn more about Scottish Rite Hospital for children, please visit